Beginner’s Guide to Horse Racing

Horse racing has become popular in recent years now. There are so many events that hold every year for this exciting sport. As a beginner there some questions that you may have as you get to know more about the game. We have provided some answers to some of these questions to guide you on your way to horse racing.

What are racing Barriers?

Barriers in horse racing refer to the gates. It is usually the starting point of the race. Nowadays, most barriers are computerized. There is also the barrier draw where the racing club announces which gate a horse will start from. The starting point and the draw would have an impact on the chances of winning the game.

What are the types of Race Track Conditions?

The racetrack can be given a different rating depending on the surface conditions. These surface conditions are as a result of factors such as how dry, soft, firm, even or wet the track is before the race starts. The terms are usually set for each condition based on these factors which are slow, fast, muddy, sloppy, hard, firm, good, heavy or yielding.

What is a Maiden Race?

This is usually referred to as an event for horses that haven’t yet won a race.

What is a Stayer Horse?

The Stayer is a horse that has shown that it has a lot of stamina and can stay long enough to perform well in races that are over 2000 meters.

What is a Scratched Horse?

This is a horse that has been withdrawn from a race which it was due to be part of prior to the start of the game. These horses were withdrawn by either the rider or the vet as a result of injury, adverse conditions of the racing track or ill health.