Guide to Buying Horseback Riding Kit for Newbies

Have you been thinking about learning horseback riding? In this article, we will guide you on knowing what equipment or clothing you may need before you get on a horse. There are two essential things to consider when buying horseback riding horse riding gear, one is safety and the other factor to consider is your comfort.

These are the essential horseback riding kit that a rider needs:


It is compulsory to have an ASTM certified helmet before getting on the back of the horse. This is strictly for your safety and no other reason. This essential riding gear is available in different brands an are usually designed to be lightweight and comfortable for the rider. You should know that there are many options available when buying a riding helmet. There are affordable options and helmets for people who want luxury. Helmets are there to protect your head in case of an accident.

There is a common belief that it is only meant for beginners but the truth is anyone riding a horse needs to keep their head safe in case they fall off the horse. Accidents are called accidents because you never see it coming. Legislation has also imposed the use of approved helmets to keep people safe.


When choosing apparels for horseback riding you think about the traditional English horse racing shirt. This type of school shirts is normally made from comfortable fabrics that are breathable. They are especially suitable for summer. During other weathers, you can also get riding jackets to keep you warm from the cold air. There are also waterproof apparels that you can use during the wet season


Riders from the western world usually prefer wearing jeans for horseback riding. In the UK however, prefer breeches when riding . There are many types of Jeans and breeches depending on what you want. Jeans are usually very comfortable and their seams don’t rub when you are riding. Breeches cling to your body and are normally made from cotton fabric combined with Spandex for fitting. They prevent you from sliding when sitting on the leather saddle. Both are designed to last. You can always choose between jeans and breaches depending on your style.

Other Apparels

You will also need other apparels like riding boots, gloves and socks. Are you into the cowboy boots or do you prefer paddock boots? Westerners usually go with the cowboy boots boots: when riding while the English prefer paddock boots. The paddock boots are lightweight and look very much like sneakers which makes them even very comfortable to wear.

For socks, you will need to get one that matches the height of your boots. Most socks are made from comfortable materials that feel very comfortable on the skin. Gloves, on the other hand, will help with your grip on the reins. You will need them to protect your hands while you hold the reins. They are usually made from comfortable materials that will make you enjoy your ride on the horse.