The Top Mistakes New Horseback Riders Make

Beginner’s make many mistakes during their training in horseback riding which is normal since they are still learning. Here are some of the mistakes they make and how to correct them.

Gripping the Reins tightly

This is a mistake that can confuse the horse because the rider’s legs are beckoning it to go while the hands on the reigns are stopping the horse. When you keep pulling the reigns the horse will end up ignoring the rein aids or will continue to toss their heads because of the pain. If the pulling of the reins still continues, the horse will rear to escape the pressure.

Fix: When handling the reins, hold the reins firmly but very light like you are holding a baby. Don’t yank and tug at the reins but instead squeeze back with your hands in a downward transition.

Holding Your Breath

This is also common with experienced riders especially when they are learning something new. When a beginner is tense or they are trying too hard to concentrate, they tend to hold their breath.

Fix: Holding your breath could cause you to pass out. Smile and take breaths in between.

Looking at the Horse

Another thing is getting distracted by admiring how beautiful your horse is which is very common with beginner’s. When you keep looking at your horse there’s no way you can know where you are going.

Fix: There is a common term which says look between your horse’s ears which means look at where you are headed.

No regard for Safety

This is the biggest mistake of all. Not having your helmet on is one way to disregard your own safety. You put yourself in danger by neglecting your riding helmet, safety footwear and gloves. If accidents occur and you don’t have these on, you will hurt yourself really bad.

Fix: Put on your helmet, riding boots and gloves. Ensure you have a certified riding helmet to prevent injury on your head.

Hands in the Air

It is normal to want to use your hands, especially for balance. However, if you have your hands in the air for a while, it could cause the rider to lose control of the horse. Even worse is when you allow the reins slip through your hands and then you try to pick it by raising your hands.

Fix: Make sure your hands are light and less tense on the reins. You should keep your hands at your hip level and your elbows should be at your side.