Top 5 Fastest Horse Breeds

Horses are very fast but some are faster than others. Have you ever wondered which is the fastest horse in the world? Even with a large number of horse breeds, it has been seen that some breeds are especially fast at running long distances. Here are the top five fastest horses in the world:


Thoroughbreds are very competitive especially due to their hot-blooded nature. They are normally used for speed racing events. If they are properly cared for, they can be very quick, powerful and agile.

You would find these horse breed mostly at speed events such as barrel racing and other horse racing competitions.

Quarter Horse

The Quarter Horse is versatile, fast and adaptable. Records have shown that this horse can cover 55 miles per hour in quarter-mile distances. They are used in all western horse racing events.

The Quarter Horse can easily adapt to any human character and for this, they are used for ranch work.

Arabian Horse

These horses are actually not as fast as the Thorough Breeds and Quarter Horse but they have an endurance level that is unbeatable. The Arabian Horse can conserve energy while running. They are known for their intelligence as well as their ability to outsmart their riders.


They look like the Thoroughbred because most of their speed is generated from their shoulders and hindquarters. They have a very friendly nature that makes them the best riding partner, especially in races.

They do well mostly in smaller racing events, eventing, show jumping etc.


This horse was originally a hunting horse because of its speed. They also have strength and endurance. The horse’s colourful coat makes it stand out from other horse breeds.

The Appaloosa learns quickly and is very intelligent. They are very suitable for children because of they very small and compact in size.