Top Benefits of Horseback Riding

People have their own reasons for wanting to ride a horse but one fact is undisputed, that horseback riding is beneficial. There are a lot of benefits you will derive from riding a horse and here are just a few of them.

Good physical health

If you are looking to keep fit, riding horses is physically demanding which will help you stay fit. The British Horse Society (BHS) in 2011 released a report that listed horseback riding as a moderate-intensity exercise. Horseback riders burn out a lot of calories from riding. They also get the benefit of improved reflexes, cardio and muscle building.


Just like every other sport, horse riding is competitive. For people who like to compete, there are so many sports to choose from when it comes to horses. There is the trail classes, gated competitions, polo, hunter/jumpers to reining, barrel racing, reined cow etc. There are so many of these events held every year across the world. People get to ride on their horseback and win some races.


Although civilization has taken us away from horseback riding as a means of transport, we should still acknowledge that it was one of the earliest ones. There was a time when people considered horses for transport and then the whole world gained a lot from them. There are still some cultures that use horses for transport.


Sitting on a horseback alone is a very exciting experience. It gives you freedom and you enjoy the thrill when you gallop on an open field. It’s even more fun when you ride with others as a group. When you go on vacation horseback riding you get to see the world around you and feel the air around you. Horse riding offers a very fun experience that cannot be compared to any other sport.